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liebe + letters grew out of a love of writing. Hailing from Perth (but also calling Erfurt, Germany, her other hometown), Sophia has always written letters. Just not always in English.

Sophia’s love for writing was sparked when she was a young child, and one of her fond childhood memories is her confusion to why the other 6 year old were writing all in capital letters, when she was writing in lowercase + uppercase.

Her love for letters was sparked when she discovered family letters hidden in an old shoe box, mixed with family photos. As a child, she’d try to write letters to the other young kids in the village, where her family hailed from. The emphasis on try. She still has the letters that she wrote to other kids in the village but never ended up posting via snail mail.

As she got older (and was led to believe that growing older correlated with becoming wiser), she became more efficient in sending off her letters to loved ones. Sophia started writing handwritten letters to her grandmother before moving to a more digital form of writing letters. Now Sophia writes letters dedicated to different people and places on her computer.

liebe + letters is a collection of these letters.