Merry Christmas

It’s Christmas, I’m snuggled up in an armchair at my grandmothers reflecting on what to write about Christmas. Celebrating Christmas with my mother’s family in Erfurt is pretty rare, so it’s something I’m treasuring this year.

Yet despite creating memories strolling through the Erfurter Christmas market, despite creating Christmas memories with family over mulled wine and cards, I am struggling to write because my head is conflicted. My head is full dichotomies, full of different Christmas stories unlived and untold. Of moments missed, and of moments lived.

My head is full of dichotomies of those who have a lot and those who have little. Those whose Christmases are full and those whose Christmases are empty.

Of those who’ve lost their homes and those who have homes. Those who are miles away from loved ones and those whose loved ones are within an arm’s reach away.

Of Christmases filled with joy, and of Christmases void of love.

This Christmas season I’m surrounded by my mother’s family. A family that celebrates Advent, of Christmas celebrated with family.

So whilst I am surrounded by my mother’s family, I’ve been thinking a little bit about Christmas and family.

In a world where it’s easy to see the meaning of Christmas swallowed by consumerism, of having one more present than last year, I see a family stopping for a few days and enjoying the moment with themselves, loved ones, and friends.

I never quite understood why deep down I loved Christmas, until this year. Until talking about Christmas traditions with my boyfriend. I loved (and still love) Christmas because it was the loving environment my parents, my grandparents, my family created for us kids, and now it’s an environment I want to continue to create for myself, loved ones and for others.

But my head is conflicted. I see the happiness and joy in my Christmas celebrations, but I know this isn’t the case for everyone.

So in this Christmas season, I just wanted to wish all my readers a Merry Christmas and I hope that your Christmas is filled with love and happiness. I hope that you can cherish your family that little bit more this season.

Sophia x


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