Dear self.

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Dear self,

Okay, writing this letter isn’t going to be easy. Because frankly, you need to be told some home truths, so I’m going to just going to be blunt. So here it goes: you need to stop it.

Yeah, that thing you do where you put others over yourself and then as a result you suffer mentally and emotionally. Yeah, that. You need to stop that.

(Here comes the vulnerable bit.)

You’ve invested so much in helping, loving others that you’ve lost track of who you are.

You’ve invested so much in helping others you have some how managed to self-doubt who you are and what you can do. You’ve let yourself be overruled by your lack of self-confidence and let your self-consciousness influence far too many decisions.

You’ve lost yourself so much that each day blends into the next and you’re still running on the same spot. You don’t set goals anymore because what’s the point you think. You don’t set them because you (somehow) think you’re not going to reach them.

No matter how many notebooks you buy for writing notes in (because this time you’ll set goals and stick to them), you don’t let self-confidence seep past your barriers of hurt, doubt and pain.

But enough is enough.

You are important. You are kind. You are smart. But most of all, you need to stop this disassociation with the positive, confidence-filled words you write for yourself and what you actually feel.

You need to start prioritizing yourself. Start setting boundaries. Because you are important.

And you know what? This whole “I’m just as important as everyone else” thing starts today.

No buts.

Sophia x

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