Dear Papa.

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Dear Papa,

Today is the 9th March and it’s a special day for me. Here’s why:

  1. I graduated with a Bachelors of Economics on International Women’s Day.
  2. You were there to see me graduate.

You see, I probably would never have graduated with an economics degree (let alone with two degrees) if it wasn’t the emphasis you put on the importance of education for us kids. Or your support.

Funny thing is I didn’t understand or know why you placed this emphasis on your kids’ education until two days before my graduation when I learnt that you did most of your learning via correspondence. Opa and Oma told me over lunch that you did your last two years of high school via correspondence, with the last three months in Perth studying for your exams whilst Opa and Oma were living in Bougainvillaea.

You weren’t expecting to pass your exams, so you had a job lined up. But as the story goes, you passed your exams and now you have three degrees.

Your ability to persevere, to do your best at everything (even if it felt like you weren’t going to pass) is my inspiration and why I ended up with this degree.

So thank you Papa. Thank you for encouraging me to continue with economics (especially in the times I struggled) and helping me to get where I am now.

I love you Papa.

Sophia x

PS: If you were wondering why I am proud that I graduated with a Bachelor of Economics on International Women’s Day, and why it’s important, here’s why.

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