Dearest Gabby.

Dearest Gabby

Dearest Gabby,

It kills me to know that you will never ever get to see this blogpost, that I never ever got round to telling you how grateful I am for our friendship.

How grateful I was, how grateful I am for your smile, for your take on life. For your passion for the Italian language. How blessed and fortunate I was to have met you in highschool.

I regret not taking the time to see you more often. I regret that I only saw you sporadically. It should never have been that way. Half of me is continuing on this line of thought of “I should have done this, I should have done that…” and the other half is reasoning with me about how I couldn’t have known that you were going to pass away so suddenly.

I know this post is not as eloquent as I want it to be, but I’m in shock. Gabby, I miss you. I really miss you. I’m sorry I never got to tell you how grateful I am for being able to call you my friend, for having the opportunity to have known you.

Gabriella, may you rest in peace.

Mi manchi molto bella

Sophia x

“Sometimes there are things in our life that aren’t meant to stay. Sometimes change may not be what we want. Sometimes change is what we really need. And sometimes saying goodbye is the hardest thing you think you’ll ever have to do, but sometimes it’s saying ‘hello again’ that breaks you down and makes you the most vulnerable person you’ll ever know. Sometimes change is too much to bear, but most of the time change is the only thing saving your life.” – Unknown.

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